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Zero Waste Laboratory 3D Prints Furniture With Recycled Plastic Waste

Jan 23, 2019

Panos Sakkas and Foteini Setaki, New Raw's founders, state that they  try to show the best methods to use plastic in long-term and high-value application by starting "Print Your City". The robot arm 3D Printer from New Raw Lab turns plastic waste into street furniture including chairs and plant pots.


The first batch of chairs on the basis of ancient Greek city were 3D printed last year. It took 12 hours to print each chair and needed about 100 kilograms of plastic waste. 


Since the project website was launched in December, 2018, the local people had presented more than 3000 kinds of designs. New Raw installed the first batch of 3D printed city furniture this month. New Raw's objective is to recycle 4 tones of plastic waste during project operation.