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Where Is The Opportunity For 3D Printing To Create Wealth In The Medical Field?

Apr 09, 2019

Whalepath´╝îa consulting company, predicts that 3D printing is expected to reach a market outlook of $550 billion by 2025. Among them, the health care industry will occupy a large part of it, including repairs, dental implants, hearing aids, custom orthoses have been implemented through 3D printing. But some of the most exciting 3D printing applications in the medical and health field have not yet landed in our lives. Large pharmaceutical companies should start investing in 3D printing technology now, so as not to be left behind.

3D printed organ tissue will replace animal experimental drug testing.


Scientists have begun to print living tissue in the laboratory 3D, in the future, they will even print out the entire organ, which will effectively solve the situation that the organ transplants are not enough. Not only that, 3D printed organ tissue can also be used for drug testing.

3D printing application will create the most profit.


Although the consumer 3D printing competition is fierce, the profit is very thin. But in the enterprise-oriented market, such as biomaterials and bioprinting applications, the profit can not be underestimated.

Not only will the growth of these markets remain high, but also the technical barriers that make the competition relatively high. For large pharmaceutical companies, merging or investing in these startups will be a good move.