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When 3D Printing Comes Into Prison

Jan 06, 2019

According to foreign media reports´╝îTexas Department of Criminal Justice plans to provide 3D printed false teeth to prisoners next spring. With the technology of 3D printing, the making process is greatly shortened which let more prisoners have their false teeth needed.

The report said, these prisoners without teeth were usually forced to eat powdery food. But the local media reported in October last year that Texas would employ a dentist and establish a denture clinic.


These false teeth are 3D printed rather than traditional molding denture. With this technology, the technicist can get the picture for the inner mouth only by a rod and 3D print it to customize false teeth. It shorten the making time from several months to several weeks.

Besides, this technology also brings other benefits, for example, 3D printing makes it possible to scan prisoners' mouth and don't need to move them to particular sites. Anymore, the cost of 3D printing is cheaper than traditional technology in the long term.