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What’s A 3D Printer?

Jun 21, 2019

When most people first heard about 3D printing, they thought of old-fashioned, common desktop printers. The biggest difference between inkjet printers and 3D printers is the dimensional problem. Desktop printers are two-dimensionally printed, color ink is applied to flat paper, and 3D printers can make three-dimensional objects on the hand. The 3D printer manufactures products by stacking raw materials in layers according to computer instructions. For most of human history, we have created new physical objects by cutting raw materials or by molding.


Common Desktop Printer

3D printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing (AM), is a type of rapid prototyping technology. Based on a digital model, it constructs objects by layer-by-layer printing of powdered metal, nylon, liquid resin, and plastic wire. Unlike traditional machining techniques, conventional techniques typically use casting (equal manufacturing) or cutting drills (reduced material manufacturing) to achieve object manufacturing.



China SLA Easy Operation Dental 3d Printer High Accuracy China laser Curing Machine Color Laser 3D Printer.

RC1801 is a industrial level SLA laser 3D printer, which is specifically developed to provide high quality and advanced performance.

  • · Resolution up to 0.03mm

  • · Smooth surfaces that reduces post-processing waste

  • · 0.03mm focusing spot that realizes thin-walled printing