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Toy Rescue:3D Printed Platform For Repairing Toys

Dec 13, 2019

3D printed spare parts can provide a quick solution for repairing damaged equipment in various industries, from the railway industry to the aerospace MRO. However, on the other hand, French 3D printer makers say parts for the toy and gaming industry are a neglected area.


Therefore, the company launched a new initiative to repair toys using 3D printed parts, called the Toy Rescue Operation. Through the toy rescue website, users can find 3D printed parts files for toys that didn't exist, from Lightning McQueen to your favorite Pokemon.

This platform was launched by Dagoma in order to deal with the number of broken toys that were discarded due to lack of parts, thereby harming the environment. Through toy rescue, Dagoma's goal is to "provide an opportunity for everyone to repair an item, and until then, those items will only be discarded."


Dagoma explained that although billions of toys are purchased during Christmas alone, 2 billion toys are thrown away every year worldwide. Since most toys are made of non-recyclable plastic, this can cause a lot of unnecessary waste, which the company calls an "ecological disaster."


3D printed platform for repairing toys-2

To address this, Dagoma found a solution often used to keep the supply chain running: 3D printed spare parts. By providing convenient and free 3D printed parts for most toys, the company's goal is to make them repairable and prevent toys from being thrown away.

Dagoma set out to create a toy rescue platform by conducting a preliminary identification of the most easily lost or damaged parts of the best-selling toys of the past 40 years. Then, using a 3D scanner, a group of designers modeled and reconstructed more than 100 toy parts. These spare parts now list their 3D printed .stl files on the website for users to download and 3D print for free at home.


In addition, if you can't find specific toy parts on the toy rescue website, you can contact Dagoma to ask for the parts in question, and then be modeled by a group of 3D designers. Users without a 3D printer can also get spare toy parts through the Dagoma Maker community. Currently, Dagoma is also researching materials made of plastic toys that cannot be repaired, and then using them as spare parts for 3D printing toys.

Although Toy Rescue is a specific platform created for 3D printing toy parts, there are also many 3D content websites that allow users to share and use 3D printable files. Although the scope of 3D files is wide, a large part of them are toy parts, such as the London-based 3D content platform MyMiniFactory, which also allows users to customize 3D models using interchangeable parts.