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Top Selling SLA 3D Printer

Jul 06, 2017

Rich-opto has over 10 years experience in SLA 3D printer which has been top selling sla 3d printer in our company.

Build size is about 170mm*170mm*170mm, 405nm laser with 10000mm/s scan speed.  Servo motor, linear guide rail.

0.02mm-0.2mm high resolution, 0.2mm thickness.0.003mm XY axis resolution. All these characteristic features make our printer to be the top selling sla 3d printer. Right now we are still making some improvments towards the  performance. New generation will be on market in August including laser’s optical mode、scanning galvanometer’s printing resolution、resin pool’s membrane technology、control card’s performance improvement and printing software’s route optimization. then we will promote standard and high-end two types jewelry special purpose. Top selling sla 3d printer will deserve your waiting and we expect the date's coming.