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Things to Keep in Mind When 3D Modeling

Jan 12, 2018

With the development of 3D printing technology,3D printers become more and more popular, and enter into the family. When 3D modeling, what should we pay attention to? 3D Modeling and Digital Scultping for 3D Printing can be quite different. Here are some tips Rich-Opto provide for you.

1. Making your mesh water-tight

A water-tight mesh is achieved by having closed edges creating a solid volume. If you were to fill your geometry with water would nothing leak out? Check your normals and make sure they all face outward.

2. Knowing the limitation of your 3D printers

Please make 3D modeling according to the building volume of your 3D printers. When the modeling exceeds the buidling volume, it will be unable to completely print out. Nevertheless, you can try assembly way to get the objects.

3. 45 Degree Rule

Remember 45 degree rule, overhangs that are greater than 45 degrees will need support material or you need to use clever modeling tricks to get the model to print. 

4. Orient for the Best Resolution

Always orient your model for the best resolution possible for that particular model.  Models can be sliced into pieces if necessary and then re-assembled.

Do you have any tips on designing for 3D printing? Share them with us!