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The World's First 3D Printed Commercial Building!Dubai Future Office Listed On Guinness Book Of Records

Mar 04, 2020

On February 21, 2020, Dubai's 3D printed building, Future Office, was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's first 3D printed commercial building.

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The idea of 3D printed architecture was once a dream, but today it has become a reality. The Office of the Future not only witnesses the efficiency and creativity of 3D printing technology, but also plays an important role in reshaping the construction and design industries. The Dubai government's goal is to capitalize on this technological trend to become a global center for innovation and 3D printing.

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About Future Office

The Dubai 3D Printing Future Office is adjacent to the Dubai  World Trade  Center, with a construction area of 250 square meters, including event rooms, offices and halls. The project is held by the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) and developed by Killa Design. During the construction process, China State Construction Middle East Company fromChina, as the general contractor of the project, participated in the work from design to construction.

The concept design of the future office building is simple and modern, with a futuristic appearance, and it is a decentralized building. The entire structure of the building uses a 3D printer with a height of 6 meters, a length of 36 meters, and a width of 12 meters, and added concrete printing technology. The construction mode is to manufacture 3D printed pieces inChina, and then transport them to Dubai,United Arab Emiratesfor assembly and assembly. During the entire construction process, the printing of the film took 17 days, and the installation took only 2 days. Follow-up services, interiors and landscapes took about 3 months. Compared with traditional small-scale buildings, innovative construction technology reduces labor costs by half, minimizes site losses, and helps reduce the environmental footprint of the entire project.

The Future Office opened in May 2016 and currently serves as the Dubai Future Foundation headquarters, exhibition space, and future emerging technology incubator in the region.

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More 3D printed construction projects in Dubai:

The first 3D printed concrete pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

The project uses Expo 2020 as a platform to show the world the possibility of this emerging building technology. The 3D printed pavilion saves material waste by reducing the amount of formwork used during the pouring process and providing a cleaner construction site while allowing for higher design complexity.

Dubai government building, the world's largest 3D printed building

After completion, the Dubai City Hall building will become the world's largest 3D printed building with a height of 9.5 meters and a project area of 640 square meters. This project was designed and built by American company ApisCor. The building structure was also built directly on site using 3D printing technology.

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3D printed "deciduous" pavilion

"Deciduous" designed by the Middle East Architecture Network (MEAN *) in front of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is a 3D printed pavilion designed to invite locals and tourists to explore the possibilities of sustainable technology together. With the advent of winter, the project is called "deciduous", a term in the field of botany that describes seasonally falling trees. The purpose is to show a new form of interaction that reexamines the relationship between humans and nature.