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The Heat Of Shanghai EXPO:3D Printing Robot Has Skeleton And Can Make Faces

Nov 04, 2019

The tricycle will be able to talk with people. A 3D printed humanoid robot that will laugh and make troubles, and will be shy and sell cute, can be called "the emoticon of the robot world", will come to the 2nd Expo to participate in the exhibition.


On October 29, the reporter learned from Infineon Technologies (China) Co., Ltd. that this red "Little Boy" Roboy from Germany and capturing numerous audiences around the world has confirmed the appearance of this year's Expo. Feiling booth.

According to the exhibitor, it is very important to imitate the structure of the human skeleton during the creation of all humanoid robots, but it is extremely difficult to restore the bone structure and muscle system of the human body by mechanical design. In order to reduce the complexity, it is usually simple to replace the joint with a motor. But Roboy is different. Engineers have recreated human bones, muscles and tendons on Roboy through a series of innovative methods such as 3D printing, generative design and ultra-modern technical processing.



Although Roboy has his own skeletal structure and muscle system, how to communicate with people, how to use the tendon drive to complete precise movements, how to walk, etc., is still a set of combination problems. To this end, Infineon's R&D personnel have loaded a well-developed neural network system, which is Infineon's semiconductor device, giving the "little boy" the auditory, visual and sensory functions.


A XENSIVTM MEMS microphone with speech recognition is integrated on the chest of Roboy, with a XENSIVTM 3D magnetic sensor on the shoulder and a XENSIVTM 60 GHz radar sensor on the hand. In the future version of Roboy, his feet will be equipped with Infineon's 60GHz radar sensor, which can judge the material of the road when walking, and adjust his walking posture and pace.


Infineon exhibitors revealed to the journalists that Roboy had learned to embrace, tricycle, identify different people, and make different expressions and simple conversations for different people. In the spring of 2019, Roboy also rode a rickshaw and carried a development team to the Technical University of Munich. Recently, Roboy has learned how to offer and sell ice cream.



"Maybe next year, Roboy will be able to learn basic medical skills and will be able to conduct basic medical diagnosis." Infineon exhibitors said that the first annual Expo was very successful, and Infineon showed "smart +" at the Expo. How the solution empowers the future. Shortly after the end of the first Expo in 2018, they quickly decided to participate in the second Expo.


At this year's Expo, Infineon will use the theme of "Connecting the Reality and the Digital World" and hope to showcase the technology and solutions of Infineon's semiconductor technology to the wider Chinese public with the opportunity of this year's Expo. The role of smart green travel and improving the security of the connected world.


China's opening up to the outside world has created rich business opportunities for domestic and foreign companies. Infineon entered the Chinese market in 1995 and now has about 2,000 employees in China. They are very optimistic about the future development of the Chinese market. The Expo is one of the most important activities of the company this year. "We are ready and looking forward to the conference. Opening."