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The Bathroom Is Transformed Into The Sea World,3D Tiles Are So Magical!

Aug 26, 2019

In the present life, the use of 3D extension of various products and technologies has reached a point where you can't stop, TV 3D, movie 3D, print 3D, even find a girlfriend to create a 3D! In that case, there will not be so many otakus who are struggling because they can't find their girlfriends. Then the problem is coming. What else can't be 3D? The third bed will take the tide powder to see if it even has a home. The floor is 3D. When you invite friends to come to your house, you can see what it is like when you push the door. You can imagine what kind of expression they will be, and then spray on the toilet. Will there be a feeling of seasickness?

Also use the sink? Washing directly in the sea is not better!


There is always an urge to take off your shoes and step on them.


This is good, I want to eat seafood and bend it on the waist.


This way, going to the toilet, it is estimated that the poor urine can not be cured.


Do you really guarantee that there will be no water leaks?