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Spray Equipment Is Widely Used

Jan 14, 2017

Railway and highway bridge in surface durability of waterproofing maintenance of bridges on one of the most important factors, therefore, stages a large number of national rail networks, construction of road network requires large spray waterproof coating on the surface of the bridge. Existing technology in the construction control spraying machine for spraying, spray machines placed in the car, by the person in the car nozzle, control sprayer spray. This spraying method mainly has the following drawbacks: first, construction personnel's labor intensity and low efficiency, the number, can not meet the requirement of the construction of large area job; the second is coating mass instability, poor uniformity of waste paint; the third is precision low, spraying artificial experience is completely in control.

An automated spraying equipment, it solves the construction control spraying machine for spraying intensity, low efficiency, more coating mass instability, poor uniformity, waste of paint and other problems. The automatic spraying equipment, including on the ground of the vehicle and hung in the tail of the vehicle automation traverse spray device, the vehicle is provided with vertical speed control motor vehicles moving lateral horizontal spray of spraying device and control Automation control system. The automated spraying equipment can automatically according to set parameters for large area coating, and reduce labor requirements, spraying high efficiency spraying quality uniformity.