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Sporting Goods Manufacturers Launch High Performance 3D Printing Sports,you Can Also Customize The Team Logo

Nov 18, 2019

ARIA Ultimate is a sports goods manufacturer engaged in the manufacture of sports-grade Frisbees. A few years ago, they began experimenting with 3D printing technology to produce Frisbees. After two years of research and development, 67 prototypes, ARIA Ultimate has finally launched a high-performance 3D printing disc, which is priced at $12.

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Thanks to 3D printing, the edge angle and contour of the Frisbee have been optimized, resulting in a significant increase in performance and stable flight even in inclement weather. In fact, these optimizations can also be achieved through traditional processes, but the process will increase, resulting in increased costs. And 3D printing can be integrated, and the optimization of the structure will not bring cost impact.

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In addition to the structure, the influence of the material on the Frisbee is also very important. ARIA Ultimate said that they tested 67 materials and printed 67 prototypes, which were tested by various means such as infrared spectroscopy. In the end, the current materials were determined (for commercial secrecy, they did not disclose which material is specific) and they were satisfactory.

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In addition to the standard version, ARIA Ultimate also offers a customized service to print team logos or other labels on the Frisbee.

The Frisbee movement originated in the United States in the 1940s. It is very popular in some countries in the United States, Japan, and Europe. There are about 5 million players in the United States and a semi-professional Frisbee Sports League.

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