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Specific Application Examples Of 3D Printing

Jan 14, 2020

With the development of 3D printing technology, the digital application of 3D printing on the oral cavity is also constantly breaking through. These applications deeply optimize the medical process, reduce the pain of patient diagnosis and treatment, and achieve personalized oral customization. So which models can be printed by specific 3D printing and applied to the process of digital dental diagnosis and treatment?

1.Implant surgery guide

The digital 3D printed guide template for oral implant surgery is a personalized surgical aid that accurately transfers the pre-operative virtual designed implant solution to the patient's mouth. It can help precisely control the position, direction, angle and even depth of implant implantation during surgery, assist the doctor's implant implantation, unify the final implant repair with the ideal design before surgery, effectively reduce the risk of surgery, Reduce treatment time.


2. Wax type bracket

It is used to assist in fixing the denture and maintain the accurate mounting of the denture.


3. Indirect bonding disc

Used to print trays for indirect bonding brackets in traditional orthodontic applications.


4. Wax crown

Crown for assisting dentist in preliminary estimation of treatment design.


5. Repair the model

A prosthetic model printed from dental data obtained from an oral scanner or other 3D scanner.


6. Denture base

Base for printing full dentures or partially removable dentures.


7. Dental mold and temporary crown

Used to print temporary crowns or bridges.


8. Artificial gums

It is used for planting and repairing models to obtain accurate model data.


9. Stealth correction model

Model for orthodontics.


From the above, it can be seen that 3D printing technology has a variety of applications in the field of digital dentistry, which can basically meet the needs of physicians during the diagnosis and treatment process. In fact, digital dental applications have already begun to penetrate imported cavity medicine. Especially abroad, the proportion of digital dentistry is higher than domestic.

In general, digital dental technology based on 3D printing has greatly improved the accuracy, aesthetics and efficiency of the treatment process. At the same time, the difficulty and threshold of dental implants and other operations are reduced, and the patient's pain is reduced.