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Spain ACCIONA Opens 3D Printing Building Center In Dubai

Nov 06, 2019

The Spanish conglomerate ACCIONA has opened a new global 3D printing center in Dubai to build on the growing demand for 3D printing infrastructure.


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ACCIONA chose Dubai as its location for its 3D printing center to support the UAE's commitment to implement the technology in the construction sector. This includes Dubai's vision for 2025, which will use 3D printing to create 25% of new building components over the next six years.

ACCIONA's 3D printing

 ACCIONA dates back to 1861 and now has operations in two main business areas: energy and infrastructure, which covers construction, water treatment and power generation. It is designed to provide sustainable solutions to major global challenges. As a result, the company's services span the entire value chain from design and construction to operation and maintenance.


ACCIONA has shown continued investment and interest in large-scale concrete 3D printing. This technology provides a sustainable way to produce complex concrete building components with full shape freedom while using less energy and resources. This reduces the amount of waste generated during the manufacturing process and is in line with the company's goals.


ACCIONA recently collaborated with the National Archaeological Museum of Spain (MAN) to print a 2.2 m high arch for the museum's garden 3D. The structure is a replica of the arch of San Pedro de lasDueñas, designed to demonstrate the potential of emerging technologies and their role in historical preservation. The company also worked with the Catalonia Institute of Advanced Architecture (IAAC) to help install Spain's first 3D printing bridge in 2016. It is placed in a park in Alcobendas, in the south of Madrid, with an arc on the water and no central support columns.

3D Printing Construction Center


ACCIONA's new Dubai Center includes a 6x3x2 meter 3D printer. By building high-strength structural parts with greater efficiency and automation, it will be used to help improve the company's 3D printouts. The company opened its office in Dubai in 2008 and has now become the center of ACCIONA operations throughout the Gulf and other Arab countries.


With the new 3D printing center, ACCIONA will now contribute to the “Dubai 3D Printing Strategy”, which aims to make Dubai a world-class 3D printing center to help cut costs in many areas, especially in the medical and construction sectors. . Dubai's 2025 vision is included in the strategic development plan.


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A number of agencies are working hard to implement Dubai's plans by introducing advanced additive manufacturing facilities in Dubai. For example, Concreative, a concrete additive manufacturing startup from European construction company Freyssinet, established its first 3D printing plant in Dubai in June 2019. In April this year, the American University of Dubai (AUD) also announced the establishment of a 3D printed concrete building research center.


Dubai has a passion for 3D printed architecture

 Dubai seems to have a soft spot for 3D printed architecture, and its enthusiasm exceeds that of any other country in the world.

On October 23, 2019, Dubai announced that the world's second and largest 3D printed building was completed in Dubai's Al Warsan area, and Dubai Municipal Director General Dawuud Al Hajiri was at the opening ceremony. Said that the two-storey building in Dubai has become the Guinness World Record and the world's largest 3D printing structure. The building is 9.5 meters high and covers an area of 640 square meters. Compared with traditional buildings, the amount of labor is reduced by 50% and construction waste is reduced by 60%. It meets sustainability requirements and green building standards.

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