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South Korea's 3D Printing Market Will Reach 5.6 Billion Yuan In Three Years

May 08, 2019

With the continuous development of 3D printing technology, the application of 3D printing technology in the medical field in Korea has been heating up in recent years, providing new solutions for clinical diagnosis and medical treatment. The size of the Korean 3D printing market has increased by 24% in one year. According to the prediction of authoritative organizations, its scale will reach 5.6 billion yuan in three years.


In a conference room in a hospital in Seoul, South Korea, surgeons are working on a surgical plan for a child with congenital heart disease. The model held by the surgeon is a 1:1 simulated organ model made using 3D printing technology based on the current state of the patient's heart. This model can be used to visualize the location, shape, and surrounding tissue environment to optimize the surgical plan. Song Meizhen, a pediatrician at the Seoul National University Hospital in South Korea, said that the patient's condition is complicated and the operation is very difficult, so the surgical schedule has been delayed. Now, with the help of the 3D printed patient heart model, they have performed multiple simulated operations and finally developed an effective surgical plan, which provides a strong guarantee for the success of the subsequent surgery.



In addition to medical treatment, South Korea has also begun to apply 3D printing technology in education, machinery manufacturing, creative design, custom gifts, automotive parts and other fields. Given that the current 3D printing technology is growing at an average rate of 24% in Korea, it is expected that its market size will reach a record 1 trillion won (about 5.6 billion yuan) in three years.