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Smooth Evenly, With No Horizontal Stripes

Jan 14, 2017

(Coated loaded equipment, got scene machine) is for bamboo wood floor, and PVC buckle Board, and furniture Taiwan Panel, plane profile above paint and the colour and professional design making of, coated cloth surface flat uniform, no horizontal stripes, coated cloth round and conveying with Zhijian used manual regulation, can any according to material thickness adjustment spacing, precise easy operation, two a (or a) coated cloth round and the conveying is used separate DC adjustable speed motor, any adjustment speed (double roll coated cloth can according to customer needs, take double roll are to or double roll are, and reverse), Makes paint thickness and surface roughness higher and easier to control. The processed film surface smooth, full of good, no paint, coating effects similar to, but paint thickness, which greatly reduce the amount of paint used; warmly welcome customer inquiries.

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