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SLA LCD 3D Printer For Dentistry

Aug 11, 2017

With the growing of 3D printers and rapid development of 3D printing industry, there are many new application field for SLA LCD 3D printer.Among them, the dentistry is really closely related every individual worldwide.

As for dentistry, there are 3 primary best and most usable application:

  1. Dental modeling,that means achieve a mold of the costumer using an intra-oral scanner.This could be a reference and also meet the hope of dentist as a surgical guides with a highly accurate precison and dimention stability to obtain mouth molds (a paste inside your mouth that is quite disgusting).

  2. To make orthodontic thermoplastic aligners by using a thermo-forming technique and gurantee the accuracy and biocompability isses.

  3. As for 3D printing with the castable dentistry material,we could make dental modeling and use microfusion casting to get denture or other related dental products.


After all, these 3 applications in dental field will require the related certification such as Biocompability Class IIa certificate for Medical Device.If it is used for implantaion, the biocompability issue must be solved to guarantee the right and benefit of patients.

Rich-Opto RC1801 SLA LCD 3D printer is custom-made for the dentist and dentistry who have increasing demand to obtain mouth molds and transparent aligners at the least time and highest quality. If you are interested in this SLA LCD 3D printer, please send us STL model file to print samples for you or give you more detail introduction on dental usage.