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See How 3D Printing Technology Produce Invisible Braces In Mass Customization!

Mar 30, 2019

Dentosmile, a subsidiary of Biotech Dental, is a leading French manufacturer of dental implants and orthodontics, one of its main products is the orthodontic appliance. Dentosmile produces comfortable, personalized invisible dental appliances with digital orthodontic technology and 3D printing technology.


The more common traditional orthodontic appliance is a fixed braces bracket. This product is a metal bracket that will be exposed on the surface of the tooth after wearing, which will not only affect the aesthetics of the patient but also the lower comfort. This traditional orthodontic appliance requires a dentist to remove and correct the adjustment, which means that the wearer needs to go to the dental clinic several times during orthodontic treatment. If the daily attendance of important activities is not possible, the orthodontic device cannot be removed on a temporary basis. Orthodontics bring a lot of inconvenience.


The invisible aligner produced by Dentosmile with digital modeling software and 3D printing technology is a series of transparent, highly customized and easy to wear and remove aligners. During the orthodontic treatment, the patient can gradually correct the teeth by wearing a new orthodonter every three weeks for more than 22 hours a day. It is understood that the main production process of this digital invisible dental appliance is: impression-scanning - 3D modeling - digital simulation correction design - 3D printing dental mold - invisible orthosis processing - cleaning and disinfection. In the whole process, 3D printing mainly undertakes the function of mass customization of dental models in different correction stages. After the tooth model is produced, the transparent film is wrapped on the model by a thermoforming process to produce an invisible orthosis suitable for the patient.

In addition, Dentosmile benefits from Prodways' expertise and experience in new material development and industrial manufacturing processes. A ProMaker D35 can produce 54 models every 6 hours, and up to 432 dental molds can be made per day in two 3D prints at the Dentosmile manufacturing center.