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Rich Opto to Launch a High-Precision Machine Especially for Jewelry Manufacturing

Dec 07, 2017

Rich-Opto is preparing to launch a high-end 3D printer with high precision, big printing volume, high product performance especially for jewelry manufacutring next year.

This high-end 3D printer for jewelry casting will greatly improve the precision and hardness compared to the old RC1801 3D printer and RC1501 3D printer. The printing jewelry like rings will have smoother surface finish,extra hardness,toughness,no shrinkage, no volatile odour or smell, which is the best choice for your casting investment.

As for the materials, it will use a emerald-color wax photosentive resin of the above features to guarantee a better printing performance.Compared with the yellow one, it may not be shinny to catch your eyes, but it will clearer surface finish than yellow resin, which hides some defects of the printing objects. "It really makes a big difference. We're not afraid of any comparison or sampling. It's an extraordinary 3D printer ever." General manager of Rich-Opto said.

The price of this professional jewelry 3D printer is still unsettled. Whatever it is, it will be a historic and symbolic item sure to hit the 3D printing market.