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Reconstruction For Ancient Porcelain From Ancient Method To 3D Printing

Jan 25, 2019

Chinese porcelain is well-konwn in the world whether in ancient or in modern times. Broken porcelain can even compare to protype after being reconstructed by craftsmen. Reconstruction for ancient porcelain is now a unique skill. The traditional method is to glue with raw lacquer, and repair with gold and silver. Now with the development of technology, researchers have already developed a method combining cryogenic material with 3D scanning technology, which improves the skill of ancient porcelain's repairing to a new height.


Repairing ancient porcelain needs various of tools, it needs various of raw mineral materials, organic matter, etc.


Researchers 3D scan ancient porcelain to be repair, do fixing with software, and 3D print the deficient parts with cryogenic material to make surface's repairing, and eventually draw glaze emblazonment.

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