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Problems At Design Time

Jan 14, 2017

As we all know, before you actually begin Koi pond design and construction, there will be a technical disclosure of the work. This work is in fact to Koi pond design and construction personnel to do a simple technical account, so that staff involved in the Koi pond design and construction work to be carried out features, technology, work methods and measures of quality to have a detailed understanding. Facilitate more scientific work. Engineering quality problems can be avoided, as well as other accidents. We need feeding ponds like Koi, where we need to do a lot, first of all we must understand Koi some habits of this cute little creature. With the socio-economic development, people's living environment with the progress of society is growing. People to enrich their lives, constantly plum environment, decorating living space is one thing, another major reason is that can effectively alleviate the people's pressure, such as ornamental fish, both able to purify the air and ease the mood. Speaking of Koi is one of a kind. Key is hard to feed at the seedling stage, lay the Foundation for tapping head. Nematodes-oriented food temperature recommendations can increase the points (between 30-32), accelerates metabolism, are Koi grow up fast! Then there is in Asia (6-14CM), also called tapping head. Food diversity, nutrition, combined with stimulation of tapping heads. Therefore, if we want to breed these fish we will design a perfect design. Only in this way can our little fish feed to the fullest.