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Priced At 199 Yuan Each,Japan Launches 3D Printed Wako Based On Weather

Mar 16, 2020

Wako is a Japanese-style dessert with fillings. A company in the Japanese capital ingeniously uses the 3D printing technology to produce and Wako based on the weather conditions and turns the weather data into delicious food. According to foreign media, "Internet Wako" is produced by food innovation company "Open Food" and sold at the "Moon" dining bar in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. The production is inspired by the Japanese tradition of making food according to climate and seasonality. "Chef" mainly uses 3D printing technology to produce the Japanese fruit exclusively for the day, based on programming calculation rules of weather data such as temperature, wind speed and air pressure.

Japanese Wako are cone-shaped. The larger the chassis, such as the rotating petals, the larger the area, the higher the maximum wind speed; the higher the air pressure, the higher the dessert height. If the petals are very pointed, it means low pressure; the rounded petals means high pressure. Desserts on high temperatures show warm tones such as red; on low temperatures, cool tones such as blue.

"Network Wako" is divided into "Cyclone" and "Anti-Cyclone" styles. The flavors are all matcha flavors, each priced at 3,000 yen (approximately 198.6 yuan), and comes with a traditional dessert "Middle".