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Polish Furniture Manufacturer Has Received High Attention For A 3D Printed High-End Conference Table

Mar 26, 2019

Wolf and Patech is a furniture manufacturer from Poland. Recently, a 3D printed conference table called Rex Axon, which was launched by the company, attracting the attention of many people in the furniture industry.

The Rex Axon 3D printed conference table features a stylish curved structure that is inspired primarily by neural networks. The entire production process took six months. After the design was completed, the staff used a large-size FDM 3D printing device and PET material to complete the 3D printing in one piece. After that, the staff applied a resin paint and varnish to achieve smooth surface. Next, choose the same red paint as the Ferrari classic sports car to color its outer surface. In order to avoid scratches that may occur during subsequent use, the professional also covers the surface of the conference table with a ceramic coating.

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The finished Rex Axon 3D printed conference table surface resembles a tortoise-shelled turtle shell, while the bottom is a staggered neural grid structure. According to the mechanical analysis, this structure can achieve a strong load-bearing effect, while also maximizing the material consumption. The finished product is 4 meters long, 1 meter wide and weighs 260 kilograms. It has a very high durability. It is worth mentioning that the weight of the conference table reached 2.6 tons. In other words, it can even withstand the weight of a car.

Wolf and Patech also took a photo of the conference table next to a Lamborghini Aventador sports car. By contrast, the visitors actually felt the similarity of this high-end fashion and glamorous 3D printed conference table in the aerodynamic and streamlined design with the same pursuit of the ultimate Lamborghini sports car.