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Overview of 3D Printing Technology

Nov 21, 2018

3D printing technology is a technology to generate three-dimensional solids by adding materials layer by layer through the continuous physical layer superposition, which is different from the traditional material removal processing technology, so it is also known as additive manufacturing.As a kind of comprehensive application technology,3D printing technology integrates cutting-edge technical knowledge in digital modeling technology, electromechanical control technology, information technology, materials science and chemistry, etc., with high scientific and technological content.3D printers are the core equipment of 3D printing.It is a complex mechatronics system integrating machinery, control and computer technology, mainly composed of high precision mechanical system, numerical control system, injection system and forming environment. 




At present, the 3D printing technology is mainly used in the fields of product prototype, mold manufacturing, artistic creation and jewelry production, instead of the fine processing technology traditionally relied on in these fields.3D printing can greatly improve the efficiency and precision of production.In addition, in the fields of biological engineering and medicine, architecture and clothing, the introduction of 3D printing technology has also opened up broad space for innovation.