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Notre Dame De Paris Uses AI And 3D Printing To Guard The Last Civilization Treasure

Apr 25, 2019

Notre Dame, with a history of nearly 900 years, is being swallowed up by the fire.

At 0:50 on April 16th, Beijing time, the attic of the Notre Dame de Paris was found to be on fire. After an hour, the fire spread rapidly. The flames burst out between the two bell towers of the church. Soon after, the tower tip burned and collapsed. Casimodo The bell tower and rose window no longer exist.


Fortunately, some of the cultural relics in the church were rescued in the fire, and most of the decorations survived. The main structure of the Notre Dame was preserved, but the wooden frame was basically burned. French President Mark Long said at the scene that "the French technology and cultural relics will be rebuilt to rebuild the Notre Dame and will launch an international fundraising event for this purpose."

The fire was basically controlled, and the preliminary investigation of the cause of the fire was an accident, which may be related to the recent renovation of the Notre Dame.


Notre Dame de Paris is the wealth of the world

Notre Dame Cathedral is located on the banks of the River Seine, in the heart of Paris, France. The Notre Dame was built in 1163 and was completed in 1345. It lasted for more than 180 years. The front twin towers are about 69 meters high and the rear towers are about 90 meters high. It is a very important representative of the Gothic church group and a world-class Gothic Christian church building.

The destruction of the Notre Dame by the fire is a loss for all mankind. But how to effectively protect these ancient buildings and cultural relics so that they can be passed down for thousands of years is also something we must think after we have painstaking thoughts. In modern technology, there are some effective technical means. Reconstruct the Notre Dame de Paris with AI and 3D printing, let the civilization flow.

Although Mark Long promised to rebuild Notre Dame, it is extremely difficult to burn and rebuild, and it is foreseeable that the reconstruction time will be very long.So, has the civilization of Notre Dame in the past 900 years been cut off for decades? In fact, we can use AI, 3D printing technology to reconstruct this "fault". Previously, in order to accurately understand the internal structure of the Notre Dame, art historians used laser scanning technology to collect data by fixing the 50 positions inside and outside Notre Dame. Based on this and the previously retained pictures and image data, using AI, 3D printing and other technologies, the recovery work will be greatly reduced.

Taking the Forbidden City as an example, Shan Yuxiang used “AI to restart the Forbidden City” to express the significance of science and technology in the restoration and protection of buildings and cultural relics. According to statistics, there are 1,200 ancient buildings in the Forbidden City. The Palace Museum has perfected the overall structure and details of the building through digital scanning. In terms of cultural relics protection and restoration, the Forbidden City has set up a “smart hospital” equipped with 3D printing, physical thermal performance and other equipment, “doing CT” for cultural relics, and superimposing with the original repair technology, and the efficiency is instantly improved.

In the restoration of buildings in larger projects, in August 2015, the Syrian remains of the Bell Temple was blown up by ISIS, and the destruction of this world cultural heritage was heartbreaking and heartbroken. In order to let the civilization of the Bell Temple continue to spread, many researchers used the 2D photos of the temple before the destruction to create a 3D model and print it. Finally, the huge arches of the temple were restored, and they were displayed in London and New York. 

Of course, if you want to go deep into ancient civilizations, AR/VR and other technologies can also create a virtual world, and explore ancient buildings from the perspectives of pictures, sounds, and interactions. For example, the Forbidden City has asked the Chinese Academy of Sciences to simulate sounds for different birds. And designed the plot of "click to feed the birds to eat".

The fire at Notre Dame de Paris is a catastrophe of human civilization. After the catastrophe, civilization still needs to be circulated, and we can still do a lot.