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New Application of 3D Printing: Creative Advertising Industry

Feb 02, 2018

With the rising maturity of 3D printing technology, this advanced technology has been widely used ranging from each individual's daily life like jewelry industry and shoes to dentistry, aerospace, industrial design,etc.Better yet, it has also been applied to creative advertising industry and achieved remarkable advantages and vivid effect than traditional advertising industry.

Take Mcdonald's as an example, it uses 3D printing objects as a 3 demension advertising board, which is more attractive and interesting for the passers-by than ever. As the technology developes increasingly nowdays, people are more intend to the visible, touchable and actual products, and this kind of demand exactly can be met by the 3D printing technology, which greatly adds efficiency in prototyping, product conceptual design, product review and functional verification.

Speaking of advantages of 3D printing in creative advertising industry, there will be 5 points:

1. Shortening production life cycle

2. Simplfying production process

3. Reducing human resource input

4. Decresing production cost

5. Speeding up delivery schedule

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