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New 3D Laser Printer JR120 High Precision, Ideal For Dental Use

May 14, 2020

3D printing technology is quite a new but amazing idea for the general public. Nowadays, it comes into many fields of our lives such as heart valves, sophisticated buildings, toys and auto engine. As the economy grows, the demand of 3D printer is booming. Therefore, lots of manufactures goes into this industry, particularly in the area of laser 3D printing. Jiangsu Rich-Opto Technology Co., Ltd is one of the pioneers of 3D laser printing. After more than one year’s research, we officially launch our new 3D HIGH PRECISION LASER PRINTER JR120 FOR DENTAL APPLICATION.

JR120 product details

Upgraded by the Model 550 & 600, this new 3D printer adopted ideas of modular design in order to keep the printer running efficiently. The advantages of the new 3D printer are the following:

1. Built-in dual-fans cooling system to keep the machine working more stable.

2. Modular design, easy to change the touch screen.

3. New GenerationⅢ array light source, equally dispersed LED light Beads, guarantee uniform-focusing Spots.

4. Ppgraded z-axis system, much stronger screw, more torque, higher precision with stability.

5. New linear guide rail with built-in bearing balls to make the platform move more smoothly and stable. 

6. Optimize resolution data of x and y axis using GenerationⅡtechnology to smooth the printing surface.

Although the price of consumer-grade 3D printer is decreasing, the size of the machine is usually quite large, so it is hard for the user to carry and move. JR120 3D printer solves this problem. The size of this printer is 270*220*446mm with only 9 kgs, which is much smaller and lighter than others. U-disk is also supported by JR 120 with high resolution, up to 1440*2560. The working temperature is 15-35℃. You can use LCD photosensitive resin to produce the 3D project.

Dental print model by JR120

Traditionally, people produce dental products manually. As a result, the whole producing process is time-consuming and may not as accurate as enough and patient feel uncomfortable. In contrast, 3D printing technology could improve the patient satisfaction by providing less invasive, precise and fast service. That is why 3D printing is getting more and more popular in dentistry. Our new 3D laser printer could provide personalized production based on the 3D data of each patient to seed up the treatment process.

In order to offer best experience of our customer, Rich-Opto developed high-quality resin in strategic partnership with industry giant DSM. This cost-effective material has lower viscosity, higher precision, and higher strength. It is easier to dry and stable, which can be widely used in the area of industrial design, dentistry, jewelry, arts and education. The finished 3D model is precise with smooth surface. We also offer normal separation film and silicone separation film to assist our customer maintain the printer.