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Maintenance Method Of Curing Machine

Jan 14, 2017

One, switching UV lamps

1,.Boot Sequence:

Total power open → opened speed controller (inverter adjusted speed needed) → open UV lamp switch (select the appropriate gear) → cooling fan starts automatically after 3 minutes → 10 minutes work.

2. UV Shutdown Sequence:

→ Turn off the UV lamp 5-8 minutes after the first Governor on cooling fan automatically turns off → off → power off switch


⑴ lights should turn on the light, each lamp every 1 minute or so, don't open at the same time.

B turn off the lights should make the fans continue to operate for a time after, until the lamp cools it.

C secondary starting after you turn off the lights if you want to, be sure to wait for the lamp to cool completely and start again, or in the case of lamp surface temperature is very high is not starting up.

D when the lights is not immediately put into production, there is a lamp warm-up time, when high summer temperatures, warm-up time short in winter when the temperature is low, Preheat longer preheating time 2-3 minutes. If UV intensity light should light Starter lights, lamp warm-up time can be shortened, if required for production and poor light can be adjusted to the light at end of preheating.

Second, the tube maintenance.

⑴ General UV lamps with a maximum life of 1000-2,600 hours, achieve the life that should be replaced.

⑵ UV lamps use period, at the appropriate time (1-2) with anhydrous alcohol, gauze cleaner tube surface and the surface of the reflector reflector, the UV lamp is rotated 180 degrees. Lamp shade reflector after the loss of the mirror effect to be replaced.

Three-speed adjustment

⑴ speed selection methods: UV curing equipment for products with a certain velocity, if cured, then speed up until the through curing equipment products just cannot up completely cured when the speed multiplied by 0.8 is the best speed.

B Note that the UV lamp use time, use time of UV lamp, energy will decay, faster must be slow.

Four, transformers and capacitors.

⑴ the line according to the voltage of the transformer to select an appropriate binding posts.

⑵ capacitors after use, if the repair must be discharged to avoid capacitor discharge wounding.

V, UV rays can damage the eyes and skin, please do not look at the lamp when the lamp's surface, and don't let the naked exposed UV irradiation of the skin.