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Luxury Watches Are Unaffordable? How About 3D Printed Lucury Watch?

Feb 15, 2019

Watch, as a tool for status and taste, is expensive. Its high value is hard for ordinary people to afford. There is a saying that the poor play with cars and the rich with watches, which shows what a valuable thing the watch is.


It takes tens of thousands of dollars to buy a mechanical watch with tourbillon watch movements. If you don't mind buying plastic watch, 3D printing will help your to have a taste. Tourbillon watch movement was created by Breguet in 1795, and got pattent in 1801. Tourbillon watch movement is the core structure of luxury watch.


3D printed plastic tourbillion movement is actually a enlarged model. Although it is not practical, it absolutely attracts eyeballs. Its main usage is for popularization of science, in order to help people to see the exquisite craft of tourbillion movement and understand its working principle.