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Love Can Not Be Spoken Out But Can Also Be Printed

Jan 16, 2019

A design company Estudio Guto Requena came out with a new APP. Users can turn their love stories into a unique 3D printed pendant with this APP.


This APP can not only catch users' voice by putting users'index fingers on mobiel device's electrial torch, but can also read users' heartbeat and measure their emotional datas. These datas are turned into a 3D printed pendant.


In other words, subtle changes in your voice and your heart rate will effectly creat a mandala-like pendant when you are telling your love story. Once 3D model is created, users can buy the pendant through APP. Later, the model will be 3D printed and be eventually cast into a one-karat gold pendant.


3D printed Aura Pendant is one part of the Love Project that Estudio Guto Requena are doing.