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Let The Jewelry Simulate The Shape Of The Flower Growing, Just The 3D Printer Can Do It!

Mar 19, 2019

The growth of natural plants and the beauty of flowers can be said to be memorable, and if you use the correct algorithm for programming on a computer, you can approximate the growth of natural creatures and make these beautiful shapes into ornaments. It is a very good idea.

NervousSystem, a very unique design studio, specializes in developing a variety of methods that automatically generate designs. They combine computer algorithms with solid tools to create objects with complex, unconventional geometric shapes that are both beautiful and unique. Their newly developed design generation system, Floraform, uses three different types of differential growth patterns and combines them in many different ways. Together with certain external factors, they finally simulate the bloom of flowers. 


Floraform enters the human body as an environmental constraint when creating jewelry, so that each piece of jewelry remembers the shape of the finger, arm, or neck during the "growth" process to achieve a perfect match. The end result is like the natural growth of jewelry around the human body.


All Floraform jewellery prints are made by 3D printing technology. Nylon materials and selective laser sintering (SLS) technology are used. The precious metal works are 3D printed byhigh-precision wax patterns. 

Currently, Floraform jewelry can only be purchased directly through NervousSystem, but they are developing a cloud-based version that allows users to digitally nurture their virtual Floraform gardens. It is speculated that the application can be used to create custom shapes and designs that can then be printed in 3D.