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Let 3D Print Give You a Unique Vase to Make Summer Full of Life

Jun 24, 2019

Recently, a designer from Italy, libero rutilo, designed a series of unique vases, which perfectly combines the beauty of 3D printing with the beauty of vases, turning waste plastic bottles into treasure. 

Printed Vase by 3D Printer

The entire collection consists of four different pattern styles, and the waste plastic bottles can be rotated and fixed through the bottle mouth. In the geometric mesh structure of the vase, the used water bottle shows a looming beauty.


3D Printer

Rutilo believes that although turning waste water bottles into treasures can not completely solve the problem of global environmental pollution, we can work hard to make a meager strength for environmental improvement. It is also the first step in building an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Printer  3D

The pattern of "Lace Vase" is inspired by the crocheted lace;

Printed Vase

The “  Meander Vase” consists of a number of undulating curves that form a wave pattern;


Printed Meander Vase by 3D Printer

The 3D printing vase designed by rutilo is fixed on top of the plastic water bottle, which is make the waste materials has a new use and continues to shine.