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Kindly Guide To 3D UV Printer Post Process

Aug 31, 2017

3D printing postprocess is the dark secret of UV 3D printer. Someone may mistakenly thought they can simply pluck a completed print out of a fancy 3D printer and consider it “done”. But that is rarely the case. In general, you need to do post process and below is the guideance.

At the very beginning, you must use certain tool to remove the support structures.

Another key point is to deal with the surface finish on the prints.For example, you can go through the details on painting, policing, sanding and smoothing. These approaches will largely smoothen the surface and make the object more suitable for usage.

However, in some cases prints just don’t come out correctly, or there is an unexpected break in the print when violently removed from the print plate, repairs are also needed for optimize the prints. 

Finally, if the prints of UV 3D printer is a breaken-down sigments of a larger structure, you will need to assemble them into the desired object.

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