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Jeweler Orori Launches Online 3D Printing Custom Jewelry Service

Mar 12, 2019

Jeweler Orori once owned a bunch of physical jewelry stores, but in 2012 the company closed the stores and moved to the e-commerce business model. Now, online jeweler Orori is starting to offer customized 3D printed jewelry services to their customers. Orori founder George Budi Sumantri said that their website now offers more than 20,000 products and is able to make jewelry on demand using 3D printers.


They call the new service "Design My Own," which allows users to create customized designs for their jewelry. As part of the shopping experience on Design My Own , users can choose the right diamond for their budget – shape, color, weight, cut, clarity, etc., then choose the style and settings.

The system also allows the user to enter what they want to engravethe, such as text, graphics, etc. , and then decide how these texts and patterns are displayed on their jewelry. In the process, the website is also able to generate 360-degree images for customers to carefully observe the design effects. However, Orori is currently only able to accept orders from Indonesia, and the English version of the website was completed in the third quarter of 2015.


It is reported that the current competition in this market is very fierce. The famous jeweler American Pearl has previously developed an online jewelry design customization system that combines CAD software with Solidscape T-76 3D printer. The system allows consumers to customize their designs and ship them in three or four days.