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In 400 Hours,he Made A Red Dragon Suit Using 3D Printing

Dec 18, 2019

Since 3D printing, no matter what kind of props, statues, and model toys are out of the ordinary, is this dragon-shaped "doll" that looks beautifully made by one hand? In fact, this is a DIY cosplay costume.

3D printing clothing-1

He said that it took him more than two months and a total of 400 hours to make this "suit".

3D printing clothing-2

The joints on the clothing are mainly made with 3D printed materials.

3D printing clothing-3

Internally, it is a complex circuit design that can control the expansion and contraction of wings.

3D printing clothing-4

He stated that the tail was his personal favorite and had been glued and sanded several times.

3D printing clothing-5

Head making, combining 3D printing with sponge rubber.

Finally, it is colored to complete the final production.