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Impact Of 3D UV Printer on Supply Chains

Jul 24, 2017

Impact Of 3D UV Printer on Supply Chains

3D UV Printer is a 3D printer using laser beam to delineate the first layer form of object on photosensitive resin and then from point to line, and line to plane to build 3 dimentions objects. 


As for its impact on supply chains, it mainly has influence on inventory and logistics. With a 3D UV Printer, you can print on demand. That is to say, you don't have to have the finished product stacked on shelves or stacked in warehouses anymore. When you need a product, you just make it with this 3D UV printer.


That collapses the supply chain down to its simplest parts, adding new efficiencies to the system, deducing the cost of distribution to assembly and carry, and eventually renew the speed up the product cycle times.

3D UV Printer finds its high value in the printing of low volume, customer-made, greatly complex items, includeing hollow structures. Now with all kinds of photopolymer resins, digital files and 3D UV Printers, and of course the wire connected, the new models or parts nowadays are made, faster and more efficiently than ever made.