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How To Finish A 3D Printed Part To Look Like A Production Part

Jul 17, 2017

452b7fa22d214448964a24e170dc883.pngIn this article I will walk through how to finish a 3D printed part to look like a production part.It's a simple process that depending on the size of your part and its complexity.

The process is relatively the same regardless what material or what desktop 3D SLA printer your part is printed on.Let's get start of the original print part here.This structural part is printed on Rich-Opto RC1801 desktop 3D SLA printer.The part is just moved from the loading plate and still have support material on it.

Firstly, remove the support material by using simple hand tools and pliers like side cutter. After this step, most of the support has been removed, while still some support material inside the model needing to be dissolved out.

Secondly, please toss the part into the bath to get rid of the rest of the support.Then the support will be removed from the washing station.

Thirdly, sand the part. This will break down the peaks of the striations and smoothen the part surfface, increasing grades of sandpapers will be used depending on how smooth you want the finished parts.

Last but not the least,primer,paint or varnish.The part will be coated with the prmer to fill in the striations and provide a stricky surface for the top coat of paint to adhere to.Then the part will be painted and clear coated to produce a glossy surface.All you need to do next is to spend time waiting for the paint to dry.

Using all these steps, the part printed by desktop 3D SLA printer will be tranformed into a beautiful ready model, prototypes and even ready-to-use products that are as stunning as they are functional as a production part.