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How To Do Internet 3D Printing Service?

Apr 12, 2019

Recently, some experts said that 3D printing will have a huge disruption to the existing supply chain. The Jones Lang Laselle research institute has revealed the impact of the distributed manufacturing system brought by 3D printing on the logistics system through a picture. Mass production of standardized products from previous factories, costing a lot of storage space and logistics costs, and the waste of sales caused by incomplete market predictions, resulting in high carbon emissions from the entire logistics and production system, to 3D printing The distributed manufacturing needs to be customized, the short delivery time is fast, the zero inventory is available nearby and the customer's individual needs are met.

In order to achieve this vision, many companies have begun to actively layout, logistics and manufacturing aspects such as the combination of UPS and CloudDDM, we also see online service platforms such as Shapeways and Materialise. How to achieve highly personalized design in the communication between consumers and businesses? Recently, French software developer Dassault Systèmes has launched a new 3D printing management software, 3DVIA Make, which will help enterprise users of all sizes to achieve personalized and customized production without software. Large-scale investments in inventory management, transportation, and delivery processes.


Ma3DVIA Make is like an insert that loads an easy-to-use product customization interface on Dassault Systèmes' powerful 3D design software. Retailers only need to offer a small set of products on their website, and consumers can customize them widely and place orders directly. These newly designed products are simply not part of the retailer's inventory.

The difference between such online services is that 3DVIA Make can deliver orders to any 3D print service provider or local service provider according to the settings. So a retailer might just offer a retail website and offer 3D printing options and materials from several different vendors instead of limiting themselves to the products and services a company can offer.


Using a standard WYSIWYG application interface, 3DVIA Make provides consumers with the power to easily change the products they choose, interactive 360-degree viewing, real-time 3D rendering and more. Retailers don't need to invest more in infrastructure, and 3DVIA Make's personalized collaboration model creates a win-win situation for customers, retailers and brands. Once the order is placed successfully, it can be instantly transferred to the 3D printing service provider and delivered to the customer within a few days.

The 3DVIA Make software solution brings a new perspective to Internet companies and even brings a series of impacts to the existing supply chain, which will further strengthen Dassault's position in the manufacturing field. Although 3DVIA Make is currently used to make products such as jewelry or mobile phone cases, the software can be adapted to almost any product that can be personalized, such as trophies, small engines, auto parts, and toys and statues.

The target users of 3DVIA Make software are enterprises and retailers, which can support one-time purchases, or use a fee-based method based on the profit or transaction amount of the company.