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How to Apply SLA Laser 3D Printers to Classroom

Jan 30, 2018

As is said by specialists, 3D printing can be applied to education. But do you know how?

As a matter of fact, how to apply SLA laser 3D printers to classroom and how to form this into a systematic lesson is a great challenge for teachers and schools.

It's generally acknowledged for the educators and professionals in 3D printing industry that 3D printing education is of great importance for the children. What's more, the sooner this kind of eduction conducts, the better effect will acheive.

However, in this course, we have to face the below challenge: 1. Lack of professional teachers to lead students to have command of the 3D printing technology and techniques; 2. Lack of funding support; 3. Lack of enough attention to the course content.

Therefore, Rich-Opto, a professional SLA 3D printer manufacturer, would like to provide eduction solution for these schools:

1. High precision SLA laser 3D printers

2. A set of consumable material

3. A detailed operation manual, easier for the teachers to get into and operate

4. A vivid video presentation

5. Good aftersale service to solve all your problems