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How Does 3D Printer Help Cosmetic Container's Rapid Prototyping?

Jan 21, 2019

Many cosmetic brands all try to use 3D technology as to creat container's appearance and structral design.


In terms of appearance and structural design, digital 3D rapid prototyping has huge advantages on irregular surface of complex curve and parts of exquisite packaging. Besides, 3D printing simplifies proof peocedure of contain's design, and releases design team's creation.


With 3D rapid prototyping, procedures of first draft's screening and internal measurement are optimized, and container's development crycle is shortened. 


SLA technology's efficient printing and big build size greatly improve flexibility and diversity of containers' making. SLA supports various kinds of resins, which is enough to stimulate acrylic or glass containers. 

3D printing strengthens in "Design is production", which undoubtedly is a pivotal strength for creating cintainer's design.