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High Precision! High Efficiency, See How 3D Printing Do Helps To The Dental Industry!

Feb 20, 2019

Today, 3D printing technology is increasingly favored by the dental industry. 3D printing has significant accuracy and efficiency compared to traditional dental technology.

Orthodontics is the most widely used field in the dental clinic, but the wire bracket treatment used in traditional orthodontics is gradually replaced by more humane invisible orthodontics. Invisible orthodontics refers to getting the prototype of oral toothed three-dimensional datas from patients by scanning patients' occlusal plaster dental mold prototype´╝îface photo, intraoral photo, etc. Use the scanning data combined with the software to design the arrangement of teeth, so as to obtain the oral model of different orthodontics stages.


In addition to the field of orthodontics, 3D printing plays a more important role in the field of oral prosthetics. Using 3D printing technology, it is possible to batch print dental implant guides with high precision requirements, which can effectively help doctors accurately control the position, angle and depth of drilling during surgery.

Finally, a positive pressure stamper is used on the physical model to produce invisible braces for the patient to correct the tooth position. In order to tailor and mass-produce the orthodontics model for patients in a short period of time, 3D printing technology has become the preferred technology for making dental molds for each orthodontics stage. Due to the obvious high efficiency and low cost of 3D printing in the production process of dental molds, traditional dental mold making methods are gradually being replaced.