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GUCCI Launched 3D Printed Mickey Mouse Handbag

Mar 22, 2019

At the launch of the Gucci 2019 Spring/Summer collection in August last year, a Mickey Mouse-style handbag became the object of the fashion circle.


This handbag, based on the Disney classic animated character Mickey Mouse, was specially launched to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the animated character Mickey Mouse.

It is understood that this limited edition handbag jointly launched by Gucci and Disney is made of 3D printed resin material. The professional has also done a delicate color treatment, which can be said to perfectly restore the details of the Mickey Mouse head. The handle at the top of the handbag features a Gucci eye-catching logo.


For this handbag with a cute wind route, Gucci has launched a total of two styles. One of them is black, which is the regular shape of Mickey Mouse, and the other one is white, which is more avant-garde. It adds a red graffiti element to the outer surface of the overall white, which is quite individual.


At present, Gucci official website has launched the reservation service of these two 3D printed handbags, priced at 4,500 US dollars (about 30,200 yuan), while the domestic black and white version of the price is up to 35,500 yuan and 37,500 yuan. All users who book and pay will receive the goods from March 15th to April 30th.