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Frozen Hydrogel Can 3D Prints Super-soft Cytoskeleton

Dec 22, 2018

Imperial College London developed a new technology that creats exact simulation of soft support of human soft tissues. Researchers believe this method can help regeneration of soft tissues and can nourish neurons in the future for the use of brain and spine's regeneration.


This new technology involves 3D printing and refrigeration technique. To be specific,it means rapidly cooling dry ice to be the hydrogel ink,and 3D print it.Hydrogel will be soft as human tissues after thaw, and can also support itself at the same time.


Researchers has demonstrated the function of this new technology after early test.They print a soft  support with new technology, and successfully cultivates fibrocytes in the soft support.They say that this new kind of support can significantly improve adhesion effect and survival rate of cells.