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France Integrates A 12-meter High 3D Printed Telecommunications Tower Into The Landscape

Sep 03, 2019

XTreeE, a French 3D printing concrete and construction specialist, is working with telecom infrastructure company Art & Fact Innovation and engineering company Lamoureux & Ricciotti on a new project that will 3D print 12-meter-tall telecommunications towers and seamlessly integrate them into the environment. .

The telecommunications tower will eventually be deployed in Guadeloupe to make the 5G network more widely available. XTreeE is currently using 3D printing of concrete structures using its robotic additive manufacturing system at the Rungis plant in France.

It is reported that due to the impact on the landscape, all parts of France are hesitant to build 5G infrastructure, and through 3D printing, the telecommunications tower can be constructed more visually interesting, which is conducive to maintaining the integrity of the rural landscape.

The assembled telecommunications tower will hide metal telecommunications antennas and scaffolding while enabling 5G connectivity. But this project will take some time to try. The specific appearance after installation and whether the concrete material will hinder the 5G connection, and whether the 3D printed telecommunication tower will be installed in other parts of France is a concern.