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Facebook's Real-life Ratio 3D Printing Contest,ice And Fire Night King Won The First Prize

Oct 23, 2019

Just like Weibo's hot topic or super-speaking, the “real-life ratio 3D printing” page of social networking Facebook has become a gathering place for 3D printing fans around the world. So community manager Jeff Vaesken launched a 3D printing contest, the only requirement is that the 3D printing model should reach the size of a real person.

print your dream in life size

To know that this requirement seems simple, in fact, the threshold is very high, it takes a lot of time, money and energy, because in the hands of individual players is usually a small and medium-sized desktop 3D printer, and printing consumables regardless of FDM technology or light curing technology not cheap. In the end, a total of 36 works submitted the application, and the top three were officially selected as the final winners.


3d printer night king

The judges unanimously voted for the 3D printed Night Kind night statue created by the player Tatiana. Its prototype is the biggest villain in the play "The Song of Ice and Fire". The prize is actually not high, just the $50 vouch for the Gambody model community. The cost of consumables for the actual production of the Night King statue may be several hundred dollars, not including the cost of post-processing. Therefore, as the first contest, these symbolic prizes are not the main factors that attract people to participate, and the enthusiasm of the players is even more commendable.

3D printer night king-1

The winners of the second and third prizes are also very good. The second place comes from another fantasy world, "Star Wars," a life-size C3PO that looks exactly like the image in a film and television production, and even the filmmakers are screaming. The third place is also from "The Game of Power", the most popular character - Dragon Mother Danielis. The fans of the rights drama series and the fans of the dragons have been applauded, and even the haze of the black mom has vanished.


Organizer Jeff Vaesken plans to hold the second "real-life ratio 3D printing contest" in 2020. I am afraid that it will not only be a role in film and television dramas, but stars, industry amnesties and other statues are likely to appear. When you build a 3D printing sculpture museum, I am afraid it will not be a difficult thing!



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