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Exploring Emerging Production Process,3D Printing Seat With Creative Design

Apr 17, 2019

As a designer, creativity is not limited to the work itself, but also in terms of materials and crafts. A good designer can not only be limited to software and drawing, but more importantly, combining materials and crafts to present their creative works to users and help more people improve their lives. The seat is a furniture design that is very familiar to each of us. It has a lot of creativity, not only the creativity of its own works but also the creativity of materials. 

Today, we will share a lot of creative designs about seats. Let's take a look at the work together.


It is reported that these 3D printed seats are designed with the classic works of famous designers such as Eames and Saarinen as the template. From the outline, the changes of these works are very subtle, but in essence, these The work is completely different from the original.


The designers said that the seats in this series use the most advanced additional technology and the latest development software. Not only that, but the 3D printing technology makes these seats have a completely different charm.