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Digital 3D Printer, Embrace A New Era Of Customized Production

Aug 23, 2017

As digital 3D printer has been widely used in smart manufacturing, many people claim that the traditional mass production manufacturing will be replaced by digital 3D printing production.But as far as I am concerned, this phenomenon will not come true.On the contrary, digital 3D printer will draw more attention on customized production.

As is well acknowledged that rapid prototyping is done by digital 3D printer through designing and drawing a 3D models,sclicing, printing and post finishing. But the building volume and the material is strictly restricted by the current stage. What's more, how to lower down production cost is also of great importance for the manufacturers. However, as for traditional manufacturing, it is mature enough to meet the factory and customers' requirement for mass production, efficiencye, producing variety and cost-controlling.


Therefore, digital 3D printer will be more in usage for the customized, urgent needs in small volume, such as using digital 3D printer to produce special weapons for the Ministry of National Defense, or print organs for patients.In the near future, we will embrace a new era of customized production with digital 3D printers.