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Custom Desk Calendar By 3D Pring Highlights The High-Quality Pursuit Of Office Workers

Apr 29, 2019

Today I want to introduce you to a 3D printing desk calendar designed by 3D designers. In design, the desk calendar uses the structure of the Metatron cube. It is reported that the position of the Metatron cube in the Western world is equivalent to our Chinese gossip! It consists of four elements and a three-dimensional figure corresponding to the ether (a material conceived by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle), which interprets the universe through these three-dimensional figures.


1 year has 12 months, so our designer chose a 12-sided diamond cube (one of the Metatron cubes), each with a one-month date. In order to comply with the Chinese custom, the center of the cube also joined a rooster. After completing the 3D modeling of the desk calendar, the professional used the industrial grade SLA 3D printer to complete its manufacture in an integrated process. This ensures that each face has a very fine performance, and retains more details to enhance the overall texture. It is no exaggeration to say that this cube process, inspired by the cosmology of the universe, is a manufacturing process that cannot be achieved by traditional processes.

After the printing was completed, our technicians also polished them and sprayed titanium alloy paint to form a metal-like texture. Raising the desk calendar to the height of crafts is likely to be the starting point for the future desk calendar. In addition, the 3D printing cube desk calendar fully reflects the essence of personalized production, and can customize the hollow personalized signature for each ordering user (limited to 3-6 Chinese characters or 12 English letters).