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Clearly Restore palm Print,sculptor Borrows Metal 3D Printing Technology To Make The First Show

Nov 12, 2019

"Cloud Garden - Handwriting 5", stainless steel 3D printing. This is the first time that Sui Jianguo exhibited the "Cloud Garden" series created using metal 3D printing technology.

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On November 2nd, the "Life and Death and True Ru-Sui Jianguo Sculpture Exhibition" was opened at the Meimei Art Museum. More than 40 large and medium-sized sculptures were exhibited in the exhibition, focusing on the changes in sculpture works after the artist Sui Jianguo used 3D printing technology.


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The highlight of the exhibition was the series of “Clouds in the Garden”, which was sintered by metal 3D printing. The artist used high-definition 3D scanning and printing technology to clearly restore the palm prints and dirt particles on the surface of the original mud. Metal 3D printing relies on laser to melt metal powder. It can directly generate sculptures from 3D models. It no longer needs the manual transformation of the casting stage, breaking through the limits of manual expression in detail, completely changing the way of sculpture production.


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The artist hopes to convey through the works: the artist and the soil do not have to stick to the traditional social rules - into the human society by becoming a decorative image such as a vase or an animal. The soil and the individual themselves can directly become the sculpture itself by demonstrating their own charm. This is the metaphor for the advent of the era of individuals and creators.

"Cloud Garden One Ganao Dema", photosensitive resin 3D printing, anti-UV coating, steel frame structure. When making, first scan the gypsum shape that the author has pinched, digitize the details of the surface, and then print it with photosensitive resin. The exhibits are erected in steel frame structure and placed in the Tianguang Atrium of the Museum of Fine Arts in Meimei. It is one of the core works of this exhibition.

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"Blind Handwriting Matrix", electroplated photosensitive resin 3D printing. At the time of production, the magnified mud is scanned, and then printed as a photosensitive resin material, and finally electroplated on the surface of the sculpture.

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The news mentions photosensitive resin, photosensitive resin refers to the material used for photocuring rapid prototyping is liquid photocurable resin, or liquid photosensitive resin, mainly composed of oligomer, photoinitiator and diluent. In the past two years, photosensitive resin is being used in the emerging industry of 3D printing, which is favored and valued by the industry because of its excellent characteristics.

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