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Can't Afford a New IPhone Case? 3D Printing Mobile Phone Case to Meet Individual Needs

Jun 27, 2019

Still worried about not being able to afford a new iPhone? Tell you a good news, you don't have to worry about it, because you probably can't afford the iPhone's phone case.

Apple's official store is a new iPhone series of mobile phone cases, one of which is called "iPhone XS Max leather protection clip" mobile phone shell price of up to 1099RMB.Some netizens spoke out: "There must be another phone case to protect this phone case."


Even if you buy a mobile phone case, in this era of pursuing personalization, you must also be worried about the same for the mobile phone case, without any personality. Fortunately, there is nothing in this world that black technology can't handle.

In foreign countries, 3D printing has become the norm, and many people will choose to use 3D printers to make gifts, toys and creative works. The personalized mobile phone case has become a more common printed item, allowing you to take out your mobile phone show anytime, anywhere.

Hearthstone 3D printed mobile phone

For , at the beginning of the 18th year, the official 3D printed mobile phone case of the Hearthstone fans was on sale and became an essential artifact for iron powder. It can be said that the operation of Hearthstone has made an accurate control of advanced technology, design skills and player personality requirements. Personalize 3D printing player's characters, skins, weapons, props, etc. By making the virtual world "present", it will satisfy the players' more individualistic appeals. The genuine 3D printing mobile phone case is divided into two different styles: card face and card back. There are 16 different patterns. This series of 3D printed mobile phone cases will be listed by the players' favorite patterns, giving players full autonomy.

3D printed mobile phone shell of the Hearthstone

The progress of the times has made people's needs for personalized customization more and more high. Too ordinary can not attract your attention, then come to the cool 3D printed mobile phone case, private custom fashion DIY, young, it should be different.


Personalized phone case